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Story of My Life android app

SOML (Story of my life) is a community diary where people can share their thoughts, stories, inner truths, and secrets anonymously. The goal is to allow people to look inside themselves and realize that we are never truly alone. Read and listen to other peoples stories and share your feedback.

You can also keep your personal stories private and never loose your stories! Your diary is the documentation of your life, keep it for life. But what if you got an interesting story or want feedback? Make it public anonymously!!

T.A.B.S. Community android app

This is an unofficial Totally Accurate Battle Simulator forum!

On this app users can share any tips and tricks you have as well all the information you need to enjoy Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. - Share new strategies - Suggest and vote on lineups - View Totally Accurate Battle Simulator related videos from Youtube

Vidler android app

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then what if you get 30 of them per second?

How are you suppose to decide whether or not you should talk to someone from a couple of photoshoped photos?
Forget that! Try seeing others' real personality on a video before deciding to reply!!
This app is simple, everyone has an intro video. You can browse through your matches and reply to the ones you like and show off your true personality. What happens from there, it's up to you guys!

OnTop Notifications android app

OnTop is entire push notification platform designed to help developers and makers to stay on top of their apps. Can be used for:

  • Getting notified of new content/actions on your app that require review
  • Reporting server crashes, bugs, or situations requiring immediate attention.
  • Getting push from an internet connected device such as Arduino or any IOT device (your 3d printer sending you a push that the print is done, etc.)
  • Simple app analytics and engagement studies for new apps

This app has received great reception from developers and so there's a lot more features coming soon!

Stylester android app

So we've all been there. It's just a few hours to an important party and yet you can't make your mind up on which outfit suites you best. Well here's some help! Post up your two favorite outfits and get a second opinion from the community! They'll tell you which one you flash, and whether or not to stash or trash the other one! That's it. :) And no login required!
Oh and if you're bored waiting for your dry cleaning to get ready, how about vote on others' outfits and give them your opinion and see how you stack up against others? It's a give and take community!

ASMR android app

Love ASMR is currently the #1 app on the app store for ASMR fans and enthusiasts. It features youTube based videos access through an independent database offering custom search and categorizing.
Users can stream audio or video of approximately 13,000 ASMR related videos hosted on YouTube.

KoffeeDate android app

KoffeeDate is a mobile dating app geared towards the South Asian community.
Unlike other dating apps, KoffeeDate users are presented as the human beings that they are – with goals, interests, and pet peeves. Our focus on highlighting common interests and our continued support throughout the growth of the relationship ensures that you are not wasting your time burning through hundreds of random profiles.
With your South Asian relatives already bombarding you with random profiles and urging you to get married, there really is no time to waste - take control of your own love life! Install the app, meet great people, and take it from there at your own pace!

Talentell.com website

Talentell is a photoshoot community where talented artists can connect & collaborate with local creative talents

Talentell aims to become the leading photoshoot community by providing specialized tools needed by this community as well as a professional platform that promotes collaboration and great works. Talentell also aims to close the gap between small to medium sized companies and talents by disrupting the current modeling agency model by giving these companies access to talents they need to create high-quality custom images and videos.

Talentell android app

Talentell is a social network for connecting various creative talents and help them connect and collaborate. Talentell's android app is designed to allow talentell's users have their portfolio in their pocket and stay connected with their network on the go.
The app uses the Talentell's API to access it's database through secure HTTPS and various other secure features such as tokens developed specifically for Talentell.
PHP API, Android UI/UX, as well as Java backend all done by me.

Gizmobay.com website

Gizmobay is an online marketplace allowing enthusiasts to find and buy unique products by independent innovators. These products an range from one off DIY projects to more polished products by independent product designers.
Moreover, Gizmobay is a community where designers and builders can showcase their ongoing innovative projects and reach thousands of buyers and fans.

Wallgram android app

Wallgram is a wallpaper app that provides access to every image posted on Instagram. Users can search users or hashtags and set any imge they like as their wallpaper. This app also offers interesting features such livewallpapers and auto changing wallpapers, blur and tinted editing of images, etc.

Bump UP android app

BUMP UP is a music app designed to help users discover and promote hidden gems from unknown artists. This app gamifies music discovery by allowing users to "Bump Up" their favourite music and put it out under the spotlight and gain points for discovering good music. Sounds fun? It is!

This app is currently under development and will be based on the soundcloud API and will feature independent database of tracks, rating, and user system handled using MySQL.

Coming Soon!

Android app on Google Play

YOU IN? android app

"You In?" is a major project currently underway at Gizmolabs. It is meant to use technology to make people more social. Sounds like a contradiction? Hopefully not for long.

Expected release November 2015

Coming Soon!

Android app on Google Play